Activities of RSMC, New Delhi

(a) Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC)- Tropical cyclone

Regional Meteorological Centre (RMC) New Delhi has been redesignated as Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) Tropical Cyclones New Delhi with effect from 1st July 1988 and assigned the responsibility of issuing Tropical Weather Outlooks and Tropical Cyclone Advisories for the benefit of the countries in the WMO/ESCAP Panel region bordering the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, namely, Bangladesh, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The main activities of RSMC, New Delhi are listed below.

  1. Round the clock watch over the entire North Indian Ocean.
  2. Analysis and processing of global meteorological data for diagnostic and prediction purposes.
  3. Detection, tracking and prediction of cyclonic storms in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea.
  4. Running of numerical models for tropical cyclone track and intensity prediction.
  5. Issue of Tropical Weather Outlook once daily (at 0600 UTC) and an additional outlook at 1700 UTC in the event of a depression which is likely to intensify into a cyclonic storm.
  6. Issue of cyclone advisories to the Panel countries 8 times a day.
  7. Issue of storm surge advisories.
  8. Implementation of the Regional Cyclone Operational Plan of WMO/ESCAP Panel.
  9. Collection, processing and archival of all data pertaining to cyclonic storms viz. wind, storm surge, pressure, rainfall, satellite information etc.
  10. Exchange of composite data and bulletins pertaining to cyclonic storms with Panel countries.
  11. Preparation of comprehensive reports on each cyclonic storm
  12. Continued research on storm surge, track and intensity prediction techniques.